Which Pokemon Go Team is Best For You!?

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Which Pokemon Go Team is Best For You!?

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 17, 2016 12:31 pm

Team Valor? Team Mystic? Team Instinct?

Personally I have chose a team that my friends are on to work together in taking down and controlling gyms.

The next thing I will think about is what team is currently dominated this location? you can then decide to join that team and join gyms already owned to collect coins or you may choose against the dominant team and level to take down these gyms. The second choice is my personal favourite.

What team suits your personality?

Team Valor (Red) - The team mascot Pokemon is Moltres. Team Valor is hungry for power and strength.

Team Mystic (Blue) - The team mascot Pokemon is Articuno. Team Mystic value wisdom and logic and maintain a sense of calmness and intellect.

Team Instinct (Yellow) - The team mascot Pokemon is Zapdos. Team Instinct is all about instinct, emotion, faith and going with your gut.

Post below your team and why you selected that Team.


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