7 Horrible Mistakes You Might be Making in Pokemon Go!

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7 Horrible Mistakes You Might be Making in Pokemon Go!

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 16, 2016 9:03 pm

1) Save battery by turning on the Battery Saver.

First things first. The best way to get more Pokemon catching time in is by saving the battery life on your phone. When the game is open, click on the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen. Then, click on the settings in the top right hand corner. Tick the battery saver box, and hey presto, more time for Pokemon catching!

2) Turn Off The AR Camera To Catch Pokemon More Easily

When trying to catch a Pokemon, click off the AR button in the top right corner to put the screen to a green field. Here, the Pokemon move about far less, and its much easier to catch them. As another plus, you’ll save even more battery life. Pretty neat eh?

3) Don't leave Pokemon Go on Whilst driving

Like more than one crafty Pokemon trainer has probably thought, the incubation of eggs and the kilometres they take to hatch could be rapidly increased by driving around with the game on. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work unless you’re driving at a crawl. The game can tell when you’re going fast, and any faster than around 20mph and you’re stumped.

4) Don't Level Your Pokemon Till They're Evolved

One pretty common mistake done by newer trainers is wanting their Pokemon to be as strong as possible as quickly as possible. What this leads to are a lot of 100cp+ Pidgeys and Rattatas and frustrated players with just first form evolutions and weak Pokemon. Don’t do that. Save all your stardust and Poke-candy for evolving your Pokemon first, then levelling them. The increase in attack power is far greater, you’ll get more XP from evolving them and possibly end up with a new Pokemon you don’t have. It’s the far better way, and once they’ve evolved, then you can start powering them up if you want to keep them.

5) Catch Everything

Seriously. Everything. Yes, you’re sick of catching hundreds of Rattatas, or you cannot be bothered obtaining your one millionth Drowzee. But trust me. They’re all worth it.

Every one you catch adds another 3 Poke-candys that you can use to either power up your strongest version of that Pokemon or evolve it (or others) further. Each time you catch one, you also earn at least 100 more XP. On top of that, you can then transfer all your excess Pokemon and get an extra Poke-candy each for them. Pokeballs are in such regular supply in Pokemon Go that it just makes sense to do this. That way, your dreams of a Golbat army all with over 1000cp can be more easily realized.

6) Spend Time At Pokestops With Pokemon Lures

Sometimes you might come across a Pokestop that seems to be covered in confetti. That means that Pokestop has a lure on it. If you hang around that stop for a while, your encounter rate should increase quite a bit. Combine this with Incense to increase your chances even further for catching more Pokemon.

7) Make Prodigious Use Of Lucky Eggs, Razz Berry’s And Lures

Finally, make sure you’re making full use of all the items at your disposal. Lucky eggs double all the experience you earn for 30 minutes. Razz Berry’s make it easier to catch a Pokemon with your next throw.
Combine these with timing when your eggs will hatch and being near Pokestops with lures on them, and you’ll quickly see your trainer level exploding, along with the number of Pokemon you’re finding and catching.

Hopefully this list provided you with some new things to try in your daily Pokemon catching routines, and corrected some mistakes you might’ve been making. Keep an eye out as the game develops for more tips like these to make your time as a Pokemon trainer even more fun.

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Re: 7 Horrible Mistakes You Might be Making in Pokemon Go!

Post by Ash on Sat Jul 16, 2016 9:37 pm

1) Yeah I turn the battery saver on myself, but that doesn't stop it from being pointless. The battery saver won't actually save any measurable amount of battery. Something I think they should improve.

2) Turning off the AR is something I have done from the start, however as you get to harder pokemon (probably 800+), using the AR is actually beneficial. I'm sure if you have approached or surpassed that level of pokemon you will have noticed that they do what zubats and growlithes do - they back off. In addition to this, you are less likely to capture them with a "nice" throw. The easiest way to get around these two problems is to turn the AR on because you can swipe from corner to corner on your phone, creating a longer swipe which throws the ball harder and lower. P.S. Even though I know this, I still have AR off because it's a ball ache and a battery drain.

3) Being a passenger, you can pick and choose when to have PGo on. This gives you the advantage of saving battery, whilst gaining the fruits of driving with it on. As you said, you must be driving very slowly to gain kms on eggs. This is true, but as a passenger you can choose to turn it on when you might be at a bunch of lights for example. In addition to gaining a few kms, you can catch pokemon as a passenger, I do this very often. It's less effective than walking but it still works. Lastly, keeping your PGo on allows you to (probably if you have 3G/4G) scout the area for stops, gyms and nearby pokemon in places you may not normally walk in.

4) Actually, this isn't neccesarily true. From what I have seen, the evolving process includes some kind of mulplication which means that a higher level base pokemon would become an even higher level evolved form. So powering up before an evolve can be better than after. Even so, my stance on the subject would be to not bother powering it up at all. Until we see some kind of peak CP potential, just keep getting your trainer level up and your next duplicate will probably surpass your pokemon.

5) This is a matter of circumstance. At first, yes catch everything. After a while, it will depend on your area. If you are someone who lives in a city (where there are stops everywhere) or on a pokestop then pokemon and their candies are worth more to you than pokeballs. My situation varies as I am travelling and sometimes it is more important to me to keep balls than to get a rattata or zubat. (Pidgeys, caterpies and weedles = lots of XP farming so I catch them always) So in summary, assess your balls situation Laughing and see whether it is worth you catching everything.

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